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What is HiResMIR?
Summer school 2015

The HiResMIR network includes eight partners belonging to five countries, all having a worldwide-recognized expertise. Each institute brings complementary expertise, briefly described by the following keywords :

Paris: strong experience in theoretical calculations of line positions, line intensities and line shape parameters for the molecules of interest for this study. Fourier transform and diode laser spectrometers.

Lille: State-of-the-art equipments for high resolution microwave and (sub)-millimeter wave spectroscopy (2 GHz – 1 THz). Strong expertise in spectrum analysis. CEA spectroscopy in the IR.

Bruxelles-ULB: State-of-the-art experimental equipment operating in the infrared (Fourier transform spectrometers, lasers, supersonic expansion coupled to FTIR and to an ultrasensitive cavity ring down spectrometer…); strong expertise in spectral analysis and quantitative spectroscopic measurements (line intensities and widths).

Namur: Strong experience in the measuring and modeling of line shapes, and in the experimental determination of line parameters (intensities, collisional widths and shifts ...), using several diode laser spectrometers operating in the infrared and equipped with absorption cells allowing measurements at low and high temperatures.

Bruxelles-IASB: long standing tradition regarding the studies of the atmospheres of the Earth as well as its sister planets Mars [Phobos (1988), Mars-Express (2004-present)] and Venus [Venus-Express (2006-present)].

Aachen: State-of-the-art equipment for high resolution molecular beam Fourier transform microwave (MB-FTMW) spectroscopy (4 GHz – 26.5 GHz). Strong expertise in spectrum analysis.

Madrid: Raman spectroscopy (stimulated Raman spectroscopy of species of atmospheric relevance). Study of line-mixing, profiles, broadening and shifts of rovibrational lines by optical-frequency-difference infrared spectroscopy.

Bologna: strongly involved in several investigations of the Earth atmosphere performed by instruments operating onboard high-altitude platforms, such as satellites, stratospheric balloons and aircraft. Involved in the Michelson Interferometer for Passive Atmospheric Sounding (MIPAS) instrument on the ENVISAT satellite.